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For over 25 years I owned a successful Medical Transcription service until the industry changed to Electronic Medical Records. I did medical transcription the “old school” way and absolutely loved it!! Consequently, I have extensive knowledge of medical terminology/medical records and became a licensed instructor of the Dean Vaughn Total Retention System™. This is the same course I used 30 years ago to learn medical terminology in college. Its effectiveness and retention rate is unmatched in medical terminology education.


I can still remember the first day of my medical terminology class with the Dean Vaughn System. The instructor told us to not take notes and then she started the videos. Immediately we were all looking at each other incredulously thinking what the heck is this?? After the very first video I realized this Dean Vaughn System was on to something….


Kandy Siahaya

Licensed Instructor

The Dean Vaughn Total Retention System™ is the fastest and most effective method to learn medical terminology! It works in conjunction with the natural learning process of the brain by converting medical word elements into images of real and familiar objects – and then associating those images with the subject in such a way that it is incredibly easy to learn and remember.

Most medical terminology courses are based on memorization with a huge expensive textbook. This is a tedious process with only short term retention; basically memorizing→ passing the test → forgetting. Dean Vaughn is the only system with this form of successful learning.


The Dean Vaughn Total Retention System™ is the fastest, easy, affordable and most effective method to learn medical terminology










I took medical terminology a long time ago in college and instead of starting a career I got married and had kids. I’m getting back into the workforce and this course was just what I needed to refresh my med term knowledge to start applying for a medical receptionist position at hospitals and doctors’ offices.

Linda W.

I needed this for a class, and I’m so glad I took it. This program is incredible with helping you learn and retain the different medical terms. An amazing purchase.

Amelia N.

Awesome course, the system in which he uses to makes you remember the medical terms unbelievably smart and it works!

Chris Z.

When I was required to take this for nursing school I thought it was crazy and ‘bunk’………. To my surprise, I learned every word very quickly. If there suggestions didn’t work, we learned we could figure out our own. It’s so crazy that it works!!

 Maria G.

This course is a must for the Medical Assistant or CNA student. It is a fun way to learn at least 350 medical terminology words that are critical in everyday use in this field. It then opens doors to so many others, so you are able to read medical documents that you use in your patient’s care.

Lillian W.

I enrolled in a surgical technology program in Tulsa, OK, and they used this. I still use Dean Vaughn today to refresh and brush up on my terminology. I think Dean Vaughn is the best out there. This avenue for learning medical terminology is fun, and entertaining. I would recommend Dean Vaughn to anyone wanting to learn medical terminology. This is a great way to learn.

Karen D.

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